• Acer UM08A51 charger

    4 GB DDR3 RAM is included in our test unit, though users can pre-configure up to 8 GB if needed. The RAM modules, however, are soldered directly onto the motherboard, so potential buyers may want to preload the X1 Carbon with 8 GB right from the get-go if 4 GB is too meek. Acer ZG5 charger

    DPC Latency Checker confirms no stages of high latency, even with WLAN, GPS, and Bluetooth radios active. System latency due to 3G WWAN was not tested. Acer UM08B74 charger

    The synthetic CPU benchmarks show exactly what we were expecting. Acer UM08B73 charger The i7-3667U essentially matches the Sandy Bridge dual-core king of early 2011, the i7-2620M, in benchmarks ranging from the single-core Super Pi calculations to the multi-core Cinebench renderings. The CPU fares less well against the i7-2640M, though not significant enough to warrant the extra power demands and clock rates of the Sandy Bridge CPU. Acer UM08B71 charger The fact that the Ivy Bridge core can achieve these numbers at half the rated TDP and at lower overall clock rates than the standard-voltage second generation Core i7 processors is an accomplishment in itself. Suffice to say, everyday tasks and intensive workloads will run with little problems on the i7-equipped X1 Carbon. Acer UM08B72 charger

    Ultraslim notebooks that pair fast CPUs with SATA III SSDs continue to impress both us and the benchmarks in overall system performance. Acer UM08A74 charger The final score from PCMark 7, which is the more accurate Windows 7 benchmarking tool compared to PCMark Vantage, is about 1000 points greater than the X1 equipped with an i7-2640M and a SATA II Intel 320 SSD. The System storage subscore of 5129 points also ranks very highly in an ultrabook. Heavy multi-taskers and artists who constantly process large file sizes will benefit the most from the increased responsiveness of the SATA III standard. Acer UM08A73 charger

    5.9Windows 7 Experience IndexProcessorCalculations per second7.1Memory (RAM)Memory operations per second5.9GraphicsDesktop performance for Windows Aero5.9Gaming graphics3D business and gaming graphics6.4Primary hard diskDisk data transfer rate7.9 Acer UM08A72 charger

    The solid-state storage solution of the X1 Carbon is provided exclusively by SanDisk. Acer UM08A71 charger More specifically, most (if not all) X1 Carbon models will be equipped with a customized 128 GB/256 GB SanDisk X100 SSD. According to the company's own press release, SanDisk has specially tailored the design of the 6 Gb/sec X100 for improved power efficiency and to better fit the thin chassis of the X1 Carbon. As a result, users won't be able to directly swap out the SSD for a more traditional SATA or even mSATA drive. Acer UM08A51 charger

    To assure ourselves of this, we grabbed hold of our 50 mm Renice X5 mSATA SSD to see if an upgrade was possible. Acer UM08A31 charger The mini PCI-E slot occupied by the half-size Ericsson WWAN card could potentially support our Renice drive, but there is simply not enough space to accommodate the physically larger SSD. The interface of the SanDisk SSD appears proprietary as far as we can tell, and seems similar to - though not necessarily compatible with - the SSDs of the MacBook Air series. Acer LC.BTP00.017 charger

    Despite the exclusive approach, performance has not suffered. Write performance in particular is better than expected. ACER Aspire One Pro 531h-2G25Bk charger Sequential read and writes according to CrystalDiskMark average 430 MB/s and 415 MB/s, respectively, which trounces the original X1 (260 MB/s read, 170 MB/s write) and is better balanced than many SATA III SSDs such as those in the new Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A or Samsung 900X3B. Read speed of 512KB files is slower than typical SATA III SSDs, however, which is a bit of an oddity. Still, a cold boot from power to desktop will typically take no more than 20 seconds. ACER Aspire One Pro 531h-1G25Bk charger

    Of the theoretical 256 GB capacity, 13.67 GB is reserved for system recovery and 215.34 GB is immediately available in the (C:) drive. See here for our growing benchmarks list of HDDs and SSDs. ACER Aspire One Pro 531h-1G16Bk charger

    Performance from the integrated GPU is in line with other notebooks equipped with HD 4000 graphics. ACER Aspire One Pro 531f-2G64Bk charger The GPU is enough of an improvement over its predecessor that users can feel a difference, but not enough to really allow hard-hitting titles like Battlefield 3 or Metro 2033 to be played at both respectable settings and frame rates. In the X1 Carbon, the HD 4000 idles at the same 350 MHz clock rate as the HD 3000 and can boost up to 1150 MHz when needed. Note that the HD 4000 in standard-voltage Ivy Bridge CPUs can potentially clock slightly higher at 1250 MHz, but the performance gain may be largely negligible. For more information of the HD 4000, see our full review here. ACER Aspire One P531h charger

    The X1 Carbon is one of the quietest notebooks around. ACER Aspire One P531h-1Bk charger Noise levels when idling are essentially silent and even stay silent during word processing or browsing. Under load, we recorded a maximum of about 34 dB(A), a range that some notebooks have been known to simply idle at. This is also much quieter than the maximum noise levels producible by the super-thin Samsung 900X3B and original X1 notebooks by a few decibels. Considering the fast hardware tucked inside, we're both appreciative and astounded by the general lack of fan noise no matter the workload. ACER Aspire One P531h-1791 charger

    It may not be law, but it's a safe bet to say that low fan speed is inversely proportional to CPU temperature. When combined with a thin chassis and powerful innards, high surface temperatures can almost be expected. ACER Aspire One P531h-1766 charger

    Acer BT.00606.008 Charger

    The readings below show idling surface temperatures as high as 38 degrees C or above. Fortunately, Acer Aspire One D150 charger his hotspot is relegated to a tight corner and is not representative of the notebook as a whole. The palm rest surfaces, for example, are comparatively much cooler, as is the front area in general. The notebook can be used comfortably on the lap for typical browsing and videos without issues; we do, however, suggest leaving the warm vent grilles as exposed as possible, especially on this particular model. Acer Aspire One A150 charger

    To get maximum surface temperatures, we stressed the X1 Carbon to 100 percent CPU and GPU utilization for a full hour in order to bring the ultrabook to its limits. Acer Aspire One A110 charger The rather unrealistic scenario produced surface temperatures north of 54 degrees C. Though unsettling and too warm for comfortable use, the notebook continued to run fine without hardware hiccups or freezes. Of course, users should never have to worry about temperatures this high during day-to-day use, but the test does show that the X1 Carbon is capable of radiating very high temperatures should it be worked to its full potential. Acer Aspire One 8.9 inch charger

    To test for throttling, we utilize Prime95 and FurMark to stress the CPU and GPU, respectively. Acer Aspire One 10.1 inch charger Prime95 causes the CPU cores to skyrocket to 3000 MHz, but this soon levels out to a consistent 2800 MHz per core and rarely drops below. According to HWiNFO, the core temperature is already 95 degrees C after just a few minutes. FurMark returns similar results as the HD 4000 begins at 1150 MHz and slowly levels out to 950 to 1050 MHz after the first half minute. Acer Aspire One D250-1Br charger

    The full stress runs Prime95 and FurMark simultaneously. Under these conditions, Acer Aspire One D250-1Bb charger the GPU core drops to about 850 to 900 MHz and the CPU cores maintain 2000 MHz. Neither will fall below these numbers, however, which indicates no major throttling issues despite the high 97 degrees C core temperature. GPU-Z recorded GPU load fluctuations jumping between 85 and 100 percent, but this should be unnoticeable in practical terms. Acer Aspire One D250 charger

    We ran 3DMark 06 immediately after the stress test and returned with identical final scores (3420 vs. 3415 points). In other words, throttling should largely be a non-issue. Acer lc.btp00.127 charger

    The two speaker grilles are located on opposite ends from each other – one on the left side and one on the right. They face outwards towards the bottom at an angle, effectively allowing sound waves to bounce from the table or surface before reaching the user. Acer as10d75 charger

    Sound quality is average, if not underwhelming compared to other ultrabooks. Acer as10d31 charger Balance feels uneven and distortion is quite noticeable from the lack of bass. Maximum volume is relatively loud, though any music will feel more muffled than usual. It's also worth noting that the notebook will vibrate rather extensively during music playback, even at 40 percent volume. We don't suspect this to have any damaging repercussions on the hardware, but it can be somewhat of an annoyance while typing. For extended movie or music playback, we definitely recommend external 3.5 mm solutions if possible. Acer as10d charger

    Although not awful, the non-removable integrated 45 Whr battery can be somewhat disappointing for a notebook meant to be used on-the-move. Acer as10d81 charger Our typical Reader's Test with BatteryEater returned over 7 hours of runtime, or above the 6 hour claim from Lenovo. Though decent, the notebook will have to be sitting idle at the lowest brightness setting in order to break the 7 hour mark. Acer as10d71 charger

    Our standard WLAN test, which loads a new page on the browser every 40 seconds with the occasional Flash, is much more representative of real-world battery life expectations. Under these conditions and a 150 cd/m2 brightness setting (11/15), the X1 Carbon clocked in at 3 hours and 22 minutes, or almost half of the advertised 6 hour runtime. Acer as10d61 charger

    1. Acer 934t2078f charger
    2. Acer as10d5e charger
    3. Acer as10d7e charger
    4. Acer as10d41 charger
    5. Acer as10d51 charger

    Acer BT.00606.008 Battery

    Compared to its predecessors, Acer LC.BTP00.123 charger the new notebook shows only little improvement (if any) to its WLAN runtimes. The extra-thin chassis, to some extent, is a valid excuse for the low battery life, but we can't give Lenovo the free pass as several other ultrathins (i.e., Samsung Series 9 900X3B, 2012, MacBook Air 13, Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A) have notably longer battery lives without necessarily having larger capacity batteries. We can only assume that the larger screen size could be the key factor to the generally lower runtimes of the X1 Carbon. Acer BT.00607.130 charger

    The changes that the X1 Carbon brings are not just skin deep. Acer BT.00607.127 charger Many of these changes have addressed some of the common complaints about the original X1, but at the same have introduced new criticisms. The new 14-inch matte display, for example, is an entirely different beast compared to the glossy 13.3-inch Gorilla Glass-protected display of the older models and offers better color reproduction, higher resolutions, higher contrast and lighter weight. On the flip side, maximum brightness and durability have been reduced, while battery life has stayed relatively unchanged. Acer BT.00607.126 charger

    The carbon fiber chassis looks more elegant and feels better on the hand compared to magnesium alloy, Acer BT.00607.125 charger but this is subject to user preference. We definitely appreciate the unique change in material as it sacrifices little in terms of overall stability while weighing less. We can't help but feel, however, that much of the weight loss was also attributed to the removal of Gorilla Glass, three physical ports (HDMI, RJ-45, eSATA/USB), and the merging of interior components that ultimately discourages simple end-user serviceability. To some users, these can be considered essentials to any notebook. Acer BT.00606.008 charger

    The bottom line is that the glare-free X1 Carbon works great outdoors and delivers fast performance. Business workers and students alike will fall in love with its speed, portability, and appearance, but hardcore and all-day users will yearn for longer battery life, easy upgradeability, and dedicated docking port options. We can certainly recommend it over other 13.3-inch ultrabooks if professional appeal, CPU performance, display size, and WWAN take precedence over battery life and expandability. Acer BT.00605.065 charger

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    5. Acer BT.00605.062 charger

    Acer BT.00606.008 Battery

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