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    If you choose to buy this drill press, you can at least be safe in the fact that you have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a full 2 year replacement warranty on the product. GMC as a company do provide excellent after sales support on their items and are open to user suggestions and comments. At around $150 Australian dollars (or the equivalent exchange in your area), the LS13DP offers expected performance for its size and motor and is suited to those that find themselves drilling lots of hole on a repetitive basis due in part to the Lightsabre feature not commonly found on its direct competition in the price range. HITACHI DV 10DV battery

    There is a common saying among woodworkers that "you can never have enough clamps". A dedicated woodworker might also say you can never have too many routers!

    Here at OnlineToolReviews.com, we just say; 

    "You can never have too many tools - full stop!" but we are self-confessed tool junkies... HITACHI DV 10DVA battery

    Like a woodworker needs a variety of drill bits for specific applications, so should they desire a different router for specific projects and tasks. Ok, I can hear you saying now... "We are not made of money!" but when you consider that the router is such a useful tool for a wide range of tasks, and most woodworkers will own a router table at least, having a couple on hand can save time and ease frustration. Trying to freehand rout chamfers or roundovers on smaller stock with a 3HP+ beast is often not practical, or safe. You will soon find a need to own both a large, and a small router for common woodworking tasks. HITACHI DV 12DV battery

    Today we are going to see if Global Machinery Company's newest router will fit that small route r slot in your workshop, and just what level of woodworker, and what budget this product will suit best. Let's take a look at the GMC R1200 1/2" Router! HITACHI DW 18D battery

    Motor Power

    At 1200W (or a shade under 2HP), the R1200 will handle most woodworking tasks. In testing we we able to spin a variety of bits of varying diameter and the motor tackled the tasks well without any problem. The ability to change speeds on the fly is an added advantage when using a variety of woods or composites in the one project. 1200W is a pretty good figure for a handheld router. Powerful enough to handle all the handheld routing tasks and most all small to mid-size bits, yet not so powerful that you feel the motor has control over you rather than you having control over the motor. HITACHI FDS 12DVA battery


    Nothing fancy here. The fence is a 2 piece unit (fence with separate rails) and they come together nicely to form a solid edge guide you can use to rout trenches near the edge of boards. The fence locks in 2 positions on the router base via screw-down star knobs. Nothing out of the ordinary here. There was no evidence of fence movement in use, indicating the screw down knobs were holding the fence tightly in position. HITACHI P 20DA battery

    Depth Adjustment & Turret

    The depth adjustment features on the R1200 are fairly run of the mill mechanisms, HITACHI R 9D battery however the depth gauge bar does incorporate a fine adjustment knob to make small depth changes. The adjustment scale reads from 0-50mm, from which you can set and lock your depth setting via the star locking knob on the router depth assembly. A nice feature on the R1200 that I would like to see standard on all routers is a stepped depth turret stop. This offers 8 depth stop settings from the default '0' setting up to the largest 25mm step. These are great for making multiple passes in deep routing operations. Simply make you first pass, twist to the next turret depth stop and away you go. HITACHI RB 18D battery

    The depth locking lever is placed on the back side of the router to the right of the left handle. It is actually metal alloy construction and doesn't feel like you are going to snap it off like the feeling you can get with plastic levers found commonly on routers in this price range. It works as it should! HITACHI UB 12D battery

    We found the plunge action on the R1200 to be a bit 'stiff' during the first part of testing, although it became smoother after more and more use when the springs loosened up a little. We didn't feel the need to add a lubricant to the plunge shafts, but if you require precise plunge action for your tasks, you may want to consider an appropriate 'dry' lubricant, although be sure to check any warranty issues before taking this step. It is important to use a lubricant that does not attract dust, if you need to use one. HITACHI UB 3D battery


    Router handles come in all shapes and sizes, but most commonly you find either round handles, HITACHI UB 5D battery rectangular/oval handles or rounded pyramid-type shaped handles. On the R1200, I guess you could call the handles rectangular in shape, with rounded edges. What is different compared to many others though is that the handles are tilted forward by about 20 degrees (by eye). HITACHI WF 4DY battery

    The handles themselves are certainly comfortable and the angled design is rather interesting. HITACHI WF 4DYB battery This was the first time I had used a router with such a design feature as this. In testing I actually found there were times when 'pushing' the router forward, that there was a tendency to introduce a touch of 'rock' forward on the front of the base, hence, lifting the back of the base up off the work surface. HITACHI WH 12D battery

    This was more prevalent when routing on surfaces that were not reasonably smooth, plywood being an example). If you are aware of this however, you can easily compensate in your movement and direction of applied force on the handles to alleviate and avoid the problem. A good advantage in the angled design is realized when pulling the router back toward you across a workpiece. I found the angled handles helped greatly in keeping the base flat down on the work surface in this case. HITACHI WH 12DC battery

    Incorporated into the handles are all the switches and dials needed to retain complete control over the router motor. HITACHI WH 12DH battery On the right handle you have your on/off trigger, which also features a locking switch medially to lock the trigger on for continuous use. This provides excellent fingertip control over the router and eliminates the need to remove your hand from the handles to turn off the machine. I see it as an added safety feature, as well as providing a greater level of user convenience. On the left handle, you will find the variable speed dial. HITACHI WH 12DK WP 12DA battery

    Labeled with speed settings from 1 - 6, you can quickly set the speed required for the task at hand. Anywhere in the range of 8,000rpm to 31,500rpm is possible with the R1200. That should give you enough speed variation to swing a number of different sized bits safely and allow you to modify the speed for varying wood densities. I think the handle controls are a great feature on the R1200 and particularly suitable for beginning routing enthusiasts still learning the ins and outs of their tool. HITACHI WR 12DH battery

    Dust Collection

    With woodworkers becoming more aware of the potential health effects of dust exposure, HITACHI WR 12DM2 battery dust collection features on tools can account for a fair portion of importance when it comes to the purchasing woodworker. Routers have always had a problem with dust collection, however, newer routers these days are making great strides in improving dust catching ability, although some models are miles better than others. The R1200 does have dust collection abilities and features a plastic dust adaptor a shade under 1" in diameter. This small sized adaptor is naturally only useful for hookup to a shop vac system, and you will need an adaptor to fit most hoses (not included). Trying to hook up a full sized dust collector would be wasting one's time. HITACHI WR 12DMR battery

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