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    Shopping for DeWalt saws? Don't buy anything before reading these reviews of all DeWalt saws, including radial arm, circular, reciprocating, tile & miter sawsWhile they may not be as critically acclaimed their other cordless tools, a saw from DeWalt are still up there with the best of them.DeWalt enjoys a reputation for crafting some of the toughest, most powerful, and longest lasting power tools in the market. MAKITA 4333D battery

    DeWalt drills blow the competition away and their nailers and compressors are the cream of the industry's crop.And even though Stihl, Bosch, and Ryobi (if you're on a budget) are the main go-to brand names for table and portable saws, DeWalt's products have similar high quality designs and top performance power. MAKITA 4333DWAE battery

    No matter what kind of saw you're looking for, DeWalt has a product suited to your needs. It's always important for you to do your research before buying high tickets items, making sure to get all the information you can about various brands and models. MAKITA 4333DWD battery

    It's only after comparing and contrasting as many different products as you can (both price and performance) that you can make an informed decision about which item fits your needs the best. MAKITA 4333DWDE battery

    The point is that even if you were told to look at other tools before a DeWalt saw, don't neglect to explore them further.Because when you really get down to the facts and figures, you'll see that DeWalt saw tools are some of the best on the shelves and may suit your requirements to a tee. MAKITA 4333DZ battery

    We here at Get-PowerTools.com are dedicated to helping you become educated on the best power tools so that you can make the right choices about which tools are perfect for you, your garage, or your company. MAKITA 5094DWD battery

    A name brand favorite among both professionals and hobbyists for decades, DeWalt is a company that is committed to manufacturing power tools that you will use, abuse, and reuse for years and years. MAKITA 5630DWD battery

    Their products are some of the toughest on the market, able to easily withstand a hefty beating on the work site and still function as precisely and powerfully as when they were first rolled down the assembly line. MAKITA 6228DW battery

    For these reasons and much more, people have flocked to the DeWalt name for a long time, and they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.But, in accordance with Newton's Third Law of Motion (for every action there is an equal and opposing reaction), there are those who don't like to line their workshop shelves with DeWalt saws. MAKITA 6228DWAE battery

    These people say that the tools cost too much money and don't live up to the hype of their performance abilities. Well, everyone's entitled to their own opinions. But really, the honest truth is that they're opinion is wrong. MAKITA 6228DWBE battery

    A DeWalt chop saw is a great addition to your power tool collection. Learn why with our DeWalt D28700, DW870 & D28715 reviews, the best DeWalt metal chop saws.Chop saws (also known as abrasive saws and cutoff saws) are used to cut through tough materials–usually metals. They use abrasive blades that are shaped very much like narrow grinding wheels to cut through metals, hard woods, PVC, and other substances quickly and easily. MAKITA 6228DWE battery

    The machine is simple enough to use: with a blade and motor arm attached to a fixed base, the cutting action is done by bringing the blade down in a chopping motion (like a much less complicated miter saw or radial arm saw). MAKITA 6233D battery

    DeWalt is a company that puts a lot of focus on innovation and technological advancements with their power tools, but they also know when to leave well enough alone. The DeWalt chop saw is a straight-forward tool that doesn't need a lot of frills and gimmicks. MAKITA 6233DWAE battery

    All it needs is to be able to do its job well, with plenty of power and enough grace of motion for an accurate cut. And that certainly describes a DeWalt chop saw.One of the most powerful chop saws in the DeWalt line, and in the industry all together, the D28715 is run by an impressive 15 amp, 5.5 horsepower motor. MAKITA 6233DWBE battery

    This model's ergonomically designed D-handle means a more comfortable (and longer lasting) grip while you work, and much more control over your cuts.One minor complaint is that it takes a little time to get started on a job. Making the first cut requires a bit of effort from you, but it's nothing you really have to worry about. MAKITA 6236DWBE battery

    This may not be as tough a chop saw as the D28715, but the DW870 is still a workhorse on the job site. And the best thing about this model is that it's built like a high end machine, but with a mid-range price. So you can own an incredible chop saw even if you don't have a lot of money. MAKITA 6236DWDE battery

    This tool is powered by a 15 amp, 3.2 horsepower motor capable of delivering 3,800 RPM. That's a little less oomph than the D28715, but a whole lot more than the competition in the same price range.Bottom line: if you're on a budget, but are still looking to own a tool from a top of the line brand, pick up the DeWalt chop saw DW870. MAKITA 6237D battery

    Some of DeWalt's fiercest competition in the chop saw department comes from Makita and Bosch. Makita consistently makes great-working tools at low prices and Bosch knows how to make a quality product. MAKITA 6237DWDE battery

    But when you get right down to it, the Makita chop saw may be tough and cheap (though not much cheaper than the DeWalt models), but it lacks the poise and control of DeWalt's products. MAKITA 6280DWAE battery

    On the other hand, the Bosch chop saw does have the grace of the DeWalt brand, alongside the power and precision, but it's much more expensive.In the end, it's up to you which brand and model you choose, but if you've done your homework well, you'll probably end up with your sights on a DeWalt chop saw and no other. MAKITA 6280DWPE battery







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