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    If you're in the market for a Stihl gas trimmer then knowing what they have to offer can help you make the right decision for your particular needs. Stihl is a family owned business and has a string reputation for bringing quality products to market at an affordable cost. Many people know them for their chainsaws, but their other line of power tools perform well also. PANASONIC EY7542X31 battery

    It depends on which model. Stihl has both commercial and home models. For example, the Stihl FS 45 weed eater is their light weight gas powered model that's designed for weekend use around the house. The FS 90 is a commercial trimmer used to tackle the big jobs. Regardless of which type of trimmer you want Stihl has some common features including: PANASONIC EY7546LR2S battery

    The home models offer electric and gas powered options. Electric trimmers are popular because you don't have to deal with messy gasoline and they are very good for the environment. Also, the electric trimmers are very quiet compared to the gas powered choices. One drawback is that Stihl does not offer any cordless electric options and some people do not like having to use a long extension cord when trimming their lawn. PANASONIC EY7546X battery

    The gas powered models offer a wide variety of occasional use models to heavier duty ones that can tackle bigger jobs around the home. Many of them feature dual line heads that make trimming quicker and more efficient. Some models have short or long shafts that cater to different sized users. They also feature either an autocut line feed or a tap line feed. PANASONIC EY7547LR2S battery

    Stihl trimmers for the home are all fairly light weight which is nice on the back and arms. They all come with a hook that can be used for a strap that can be purchased separately. The shafts are curved which makes them great for trimming around bushes and trees. PANASONIC EY7547X battery

    All Stihl trimmers come with a 2 year warranty on all parts except the clutch, which is covered by a lifetime limited warranty.If you're thinking of purchasing a home trimmer then looking at the various models of Stihl trimmers is worth your time. They have a history of performing well and are offered at very reasonable prices. PANASONIC EY7840LR2S battery

    For people looking for Stihl trimmer parts, they are available at a certified Stihl servicing dealer near you.Our experts rate the best Stihl string trimmers & review Stihl electric & gas string trimmers. Reviews include Stihl String Trimmer FS 45, 55 & more. PANASONIC EY7840LZ2S battery

    Using a Stihl string trimmer is a great way to manicure your yard and have it looking great for the summer. Stihl use famous for their excellent chainsaws but they also manufacture some quality yard equipment such as the Stihl string trimmer FS 45 unit. The Stihl string trimmer FS 45 offers the following features: PANASONIC EY7840X battery 
    330 cc fuel capacity
    This particular model of Stihl string trimmer is for occasional use and not a commercial weed eater. It is the lightest of any Stihl string trimmer, even the Stihl electric string trimmer. It has dual cutting lines that make sure the grass and weeds get cut down on the first pass and a curved shaft that makes it easier to cut around bushes and trees. It has a tap action line feeder that responds to even the slightest of taps so you don't have to slam it against the ground for more line to come out like other string trimmers. Other standard features include: PANASONIC EY7940LR2S battery

    What's great about this trimmer is that it starts up very easily without the headache of pulling the cord over and over or messing with the choke. It's very light weight which means you can finish the job without the fatigue in the arm, shoulders, and back caused by heavier gas trimmers. Plus the ergonomically designed shaft allows you to be in a natural position when trimming. PANASONIC EY7940LZ2S battery

    It compares quite similar to its gas powered counterpart. It also weighs 4 lbs so its light weight as well. It comes with a built in cord keeper for convenient storage and is good for environment since it does not use gas. It isn't cordless which many people find a hassle but it depends on your personal preference. PANASONIC EY7940LZ2S31 battery

    Either of these trimmers will do a great job on small or medium jobs around the house. They are not built for heavy duty weeds or brush but they don't pretend to be. For the average home owner they will do the job just fine. They perform about the same so it's just a matter of personal choice if you want the electric or the gas powered model. Perfect for the occasional user or person who needs a very light weight model. PANASONIC EY7940X battery

    Our experts rate & review the best Stihl weed eaters. Our Stihl weed eater reviews include comparisons & ratings of Stihl's FS45 & FS50 weed eaters. PANASONIC EZ3741 battery

    The Stihl FS 45 weed eater is one of the most popular light duty weed eaters on the market because of its light weight, ergonomic design, dual trim line head, and quality construction. Stihl has a good reputation for putting out quality products that are built to last and this particular Stihl weed eater lives up to those standards. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of this weed whacker: PANASONIC EZ3743 battery

    This weed eater is the lightest that they make weighing it at a measly 4 lbs. don't let it fool you because it is not a cheap piece of junk by any means made out of recycled plastic. The list of standard features includes: PANASONIC EZ3744 battery 
    These are just a few features that show the quality of the Stihl FS 45 weed eater. Now it's not a commercial trimmer and cannot cut through thick brush or acres of weeds, but what it's great at doing what it is built to do – and that's trim up your yard and give it a nice manicured look without breaking your budget or back. In fact it's such a light weight trimmer that many seniors or people who need a lighter weight trimmer won't use any other type. PANASONIC EZ4540LE2S battery

    It's not for heavy duty use so if you're in need of a heavier duty trimmer this is not the model for you. It also needs to be tapped in order to dispense more trim line. This feature can annoy some people who prefer the line be dispensed automatically. PANASONIC EZ4540LR2S battery

    Many Stihl weed eater reviews tell a very similar story. It's a great weed eater for the guy or gal in the suburbs with a regular sized lawn who trims the perimeter of his grass every time the lawn gets mowed. In other words, it performs as advertised. If you're in the market for a light duty gas trimmer with a dual line head that's light weight and easy to change the line then you'll want to at least check it out and compare it to similar models and brands. PANASONIC EZ4540LZ2S battery

    Stihl makes a quality weed eater and this model is right up there with the rest and after trying it out you'll know why it's the most popular model in the Stihl weed eater lineup. All Stihl weed eaters come with a standard 2 year warranty whether or not they are personal or professional models. The clutch is covered by a lifetime limited warranty. PANASONIC EZ4540X battery

    Read our Stihl leaf blower reviews & discover the best Stihl electric & gas powered leaf blowers with ratings of the BG65 & BG85 vs Husqvarna leaf blowers.If you have a blanket of leaves in your yard or on your deck that is getting unmanageable, consider using a Stihl leaf blower. They manage very well. PANASONIC EZ4541LR1S battery

    Whatever your needs may be (from clearing leaves, to moving debris, to shifting deadfalls), electric or gas-powered leaf blowers are your go-to tools for success. PANASONIC EZ4541LZ1S battery

    Stihl, the manufacturer of a great many chainsaws (some of which are the world's bestselling products of their kind), has spread their reach into the leaf blowing department to provide you some of the best overall products on the market today. PANASONIC EZ4541X battery

    This Stihl gas powered leaf blower features a 0.9 horsepower engine with a 27.2 cc displacement. A fairly heavy duty blower, this model is perfect to have around the house if you live in a heavily wooded area that needs constant leaf-clearing. But as high powered as it may be, the BG65 only weighs 9.3 pounds, which is nothing when compared to similar models from other brands. PANASONIC EZ4542LR1M battery

    The BG65 can be a bit noisy (69 dba), but that's to be expected with a powerful leaf blower of this caliber. Just make sure you're wearing protective ear wear when using it. PANASONIC EZ4542LZ1M battery







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