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    Interesting is a comparison with the Lenovo IdeaPad G580-MBBG3GE: the system features almost the same components as the B570e-N2F23GE but requires more power. We measured a difference of 10 watts during full load and about 4-5 watts more during idle. We don't know the cause for this difference. Toshiba PA3634U-1BAS

    While in idle-mode, the Lenovo B570e-N2F23GE managed a runtime of 6:47 hours (Sony: 6:12 hours, G585: 8:40 hours) before shutting down. Toshiba PA3634U-1BRS We used the Battery Eater Reader test here - the display is turned down to minimum brightness, the power saver profile is enabled, and WLAN and Bluetooth are disabled. Under load, the Lenovo B570e ran for 1:16 hours (Sony: 1:26 hours, G585: 2:02 hours). To determine the battery life under full load, we used the Battery Eater Classic Test - the display brightness is turned up all the way, the high performance profile is enabled, and the wireless modules are turned on. Toshiba PA3635U-1BAM replacement battery

    In our WLAN test (display brightness 150 cd/m², power saver profile), the notebook lasted 3:57 hours (Sony: 4:05 hours, G585: 5:00 hours). For this test, a script visits different webpages in 40-second intervals. When we ran the DVD test (display maximum brightness, wireless off - and either power saver profile or another profile enabled if the playback should lag), the Lenovo B570e-N2F23GE shut down after 3:29 hours (Sony 3:11 hours, G585: 4:01 hours) - long enough to watch two movies. Toshiba PA3635U-1BAS

    Lenovo frequently releases value-priced notebooks which feature very good price-performance ratios. Toshiba PA3635U-1BRM replacement battery The Lenovo B570e-N2F23GE is no exception. For 390 Euros, the buyer gets an office notebook which can easily handle the daily workload of word processing, internet communication, and DVD playback. The non-glare finish and the very decent keyboard make this laptop a suitable companion for the home office user. Battery life is decent too, those wanting even longer run times should take a look at the Lenovo G585 (which retails for roughly the same amount, features a good keyboard, and handles daily tasks as well as the B570e). Toshiba PA3635U-1BRS

    The Acer Iconia A700 Tablet has been excitedly awaited by the tablet community, and in the past Acer has proven to us the quality of their tablets. For example the Iconia Tab A200, that left a good impression in our test lab. Back then we were impressed by its performance, quality and battery life, also the fact that it was offered for a very fair price. Toshiba PA3636U-1BAL

    This is also the case for the current Iconia A700 tablet. For 449 Euro (~$588) you receive a modern tablet with a big 10.1-inch display, utilizing a pleasing 1920x1200 pixel resolution. However, in terms of key specifications, Toshiba PA3636U-1BAR replacement battery Acer cannot separate itself from the competition. 32 GB of internal memory, one GB of RAM and NVIDIA Tegra 3 SoC with four grills and one power plug to the side, are in tablet-terms fairly standard. For now Acer has dispensed with 3G. The question is can Acer's A700 tablet still prevail over some very strong competition from Asus, Fujitsu and Samsung? On paper Acer has developed at least one distinct advantage in regards to screen resolution. Toshiba PA3636U-1BRL

    Not much has been done to the housing of the Iconia A700 Tablet in comparison with the A200 and A510 models. On the contrary, the manufacturer continues to utilize a plastic housing with a rubber base, which has numerous small knobs. Thus, the tablet fits conveniently and securely in your hand. The tablet is available in black and silver, like our test model. The back of the silver model provides a beautiful contrast to the dark front. In all black, the device is timeless, albeit a bit conservative. Toshiba PA3636U-1BRS

    The experience is however dampened by the relatively heavy weight of 685 grams (1.51 pounds) for a 10.1-inch tablet, especially considering the lack of a 3G module. When compared to similar competition, such as the Fujitsu Stylistic M532 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, this is just too much. It becomes apparent when you try to hold the tablet in just one hand, making it hard to say this device is comfortable. Toshiba PA3638U-1BAP replacement battery

    Toshiba PA3818U-1BAS Charger

    The build quality is generally superb, but the materials used could be of a higher grade. The tablet is not going to feel at home in your hand. In favor of fine tuning, the tablet has been created with no gaps or sharp corners/edges. With length and width dimensions of 260 x 175 mm (~10.2 x 6.9 inches), the Iconia A700 is quite compact. The height of eleven millimeters (~0.43 inches) would allow you to call the tablet somewhat chubby by today's standards.Toshiba PA3638U-1BRS

    What is quite interesting with the Acer Tab is that the power cable, which plugs into the USB charging port, is angled so that it is not at a right angle to the lower housing frame, but rather parallel to it. This means that the risk of the cable accidentally breaking or being pulled out is minimized. Furthermore, this makes it a lot easier to use the tablet while it is charging – as long as the mains power is to the left of you. Toshiba PA3728U-1BAS

    Despite the relatively thick and heavy body, the Iconia A700 delivers just an average amount of stability. You can hear a creaking noise from the rubberized backing with a low effort twist of the tablet. However, the stability of the scratch-resistant front glass leaves nothing to complain about. Toshiba PA3728U-1BRS

    In terms of features, Acer can't surprise us with their newest tablet - at least not much.Toshiba PA3816U-1BRS The high resolution of the screen definitely deserves a closer look, but we will get on to that later in the review under 'Display'. Acer is using an already proven processor, with previous tests showing good results. The SoC NVIDIA Tegra 3, which handles the T30S version, clocks 1.3 GHz with the A700 tablet. If only one of the four cores is used, the clock speed has a maximum of 1.4 GHz. Toshiba PA3817U-1BAS

    Because of this Acer had to resort back to a more conservative version of the Tegra 3 chip,Toshiba PA3817U-1BRS similar to the Fujitsu Stylistic M532. Manufacturers such as Asus, with their Transformer Pad TF700T Infinity, are focusing on the strongest expansion with up to 1.7GHz. Graphics performance is optimized with the SoC integrated NVIDIA GeForce ULP. This should clock 520 MHz. In regards to memory there are no surprises. One GB of RAM is adequate to run a full-sized tablet. This also applies to the internal storage of 32GB, which can be expanded cheaply with the use of a microSD card. Toshiba PA3818U-1BAS

    The other features are also good. We were pleased to find that Acer included a full micro-HDMI interface and not just an adapter solution for the multi-function port. Many other manufacturers do this, and it just creates additional costs. Two cameras are also on-board the device: the front has a 2MP sensor, and the back has 5MP. Toshiba PA3818U-1BRS

    The fact that there will be a version with 3G capability is already known due to the Wi-Fi-only version's existence. Beneath the cover of the microSD slot there is another slot for a SIM card, but this is sealed with plastic. The 3G version will be named the A701, but prices are unavailable right now. Toshiba PA3819U-1BAS

    Toshiba PA3818U-1BAS Battery

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