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    On the outside, the housing strongly reminds us of its larger brother, the Aspire V3-771G. toshiba pro c650-18e battery The glossy piano black surfaces guarantee a sensation right after unpacking. The Aspire V3 sparkles in the areas of the display lid, the screen bezel, and the palm rests, although even after a short period of use, these are covered in visible finger prints and dust particles. The sticky feeling corresponds to the material and is not convincing. Fortunately this criticism does not apply to the keyboard with silver border, which gives the V3 an elegant touch, and the abraded matte keys. The use of a higher quality material is desirable, but given the low entry price, the material choice is fine. toshiba pro c650-1d8 battery

    The rigidity of the plastic housing, apart from the usual weak point above the optical drive, remains without criticism. Creaks, wobbling, and unequal component fittings were not observed. The torsional rigidity of the display lid is sufficient. When lifting the display at one corner, it barely gives in and no picture distortions were observed. toshiba pro l630-134 battery

    The hinges do a good job and hold the display relatively secure in place. The teetering when changing the opening angle is within limits. In addition, the notebook can the opened with one hand. toshiba pro l640-ez1410 battery

    The number of available interfaces is fine, but it cannot be described as particularly generous. toshiba pro l650-167 replacement battery On board are a total of 3 USB ports, including a USB 3.0 port on the left side. External displays can be connected via either the analog VGA or the digital HDMI. Digital audio transmission is possible through the HDMI. Headphones and a microphone can be connected to the separate 3.5 mm jacks. A 5-in-1 card reader, which supports MMC, SD, MS, MS Pro and xD, rounds up the connectivity options. toshiba pro l650-1cg battery

    Less optimal, in our opinion, is the interface layout. Almost all ports are located at the front most area of the left and ride side of the notebook. The interfaces are thus easily accessible and visible, but depending on the use, the cables can restrict working space on the sides of the notebook. In addition, the fan will keep warm the hand of lefties, when using an external mouse. toshiba pro l670-14l battery

    Via the Broadcom NetLink BCM57785 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet controller (10/100/1000 MBit), the 571G can be connected to a Gigabit Ethernet network. The Atheros AR5BWB222 Wireless Network Adapter supports IEEE 802.11 a/g/n and allows more or less, depending on the infrastructure, a fast connection via WiFi hotspot. The Bluetooth 4.0 rounds up the communication options. All of the communication modules meet the current technical standards. toshiba t115-s1108 replacement battery

    The package basically contains only the most necessary accessories. In addition to the battery and the power supply, we find a quick start guide and a warranty leaflet. The user is responsible for creating a recovery DVD. This can easily be done with Acer's eRecovery Management Tool. Apart from these, there are several Acer tools and software pre-installed by third parties. toshiba t115d-s1125 battery

    The hard drive, system memory, and the WLAN module are accessible through a maintenance cover. On the other hand, the cleaning of the fan proves to be more difficult, because you would need to disassemble the device. toshiba t130-13k battery

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    According to Acer, all of the V3-571G models come with a two-year warranty (24 months) including Pick-up-&-Return service. One year of which is International Travellers Warranty. toshiba t135-sp2909a battery

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    The input devices are visually and mechanically very similar to those in the larger V3 771G. Therefore, we will summarise only the main characteristics. toshiba u505-s2960 battery

    A Chiclet keyboard with 15 x 15 mm (0.59 inches) large alphanumerical keys is installed. The arrow and function keys are, as is so often the case, significantly smaller. Fortunately, the 15.6-inch notebook comes with a separate numpad. Slight deviations from the standard layout are the missing spacings in the area of the left Shift and Enter keys. After a short period of familiarisation, this should cause no problem when typing. toshiba u505-s2965wh replacement battery

    We are satisfied with the mechanical properties of the keyboard, clear pressure point, and the medium stroke. The typing noise is also not too loud. Toshiba L600D battery

    The Elan Smart Pad supports multi-touch gestures and is clearly separated from the rest of the housing. The gliding on the abraded surface is good. We still think that the sensitivity of the Tap-to-Click is too high in the 15.6-inch notebook. Overall the touchpad does fit individual needs. The stroke of the corresponding buttons is short and the pressure point fairly low. Thus the two keys work relatively silent. Toshiba L600 battery

    Our test candidate has an HD panel made by LG Phillips, model LP156WH4-TLA1. This means 1366 x 768 pixels resolution and a 16:9 picture format for the 15.6-inch TFT display with LED lighting. This resolution is quite common among 15-inch notebooks in the same affordable entry-level price range, but a higher resolution would be desirable because of its higher clarity. Unfortunately the display is also not anti-glare, which in practice leads to limitations because of the disturbing reflections. Toshiba L600-15S battery

    Alternative models offer up to HD+ resolution, but a matte option, as is the case with many consumer notebooks, is not available. This does lower the price, but is also noticeable in the measured values: The maximum brightness is 205 cd/m². The average is about 198 cd/m², which is even below the 200-cd/m² mark. The relatively high black level of 1.55 cd/m² leads to low contrast ratio of 132:1. Toshiba L60015S battery

    A higher colour space reproduction is indeed more important to professional graphics and image editors than the home user. As is expected, Acer has made cost cuts here as well. It is not surprising that our V3-571G cannot cover sRGB. Toshiba L600D battery

    The glossy surface and the average brightness both hinder the use of the notebook outside. Because of the disturbing reflections, serious work in direct sunlight is unthinkable. If you want to work outdoors, you should seek a shady place - or have a look at the competition. Toshiba L600D-015S replacement battery

    The viewing angles are typical for a notebook panel. Horizontally, the stable operating angle is rather generous. But even here the glossy surface is detrimental: With the flattening of the angle, the annoying reflections quickly occur. Toshiba L600D015S battery

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